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Our Team.

        "Music as an artform"  Saysumtin the Label                                           After a  meeting in a downtown Berlin Studio Charles and   Michael initially had idea of creating  a transatlantic record  label that  would showcase the talents of  artists From the  UK and the  USA. Since   the establishment of the Label in 2011 they have gone on to build a network of international, Artists, musicians and producers on their label roster .                                                                                                                           The label now has production studios in LA , london , Paris, Ibiza      covering a wide range of musical production styles this includes:               R&B /Soul /funk/hip hop/Rap/Reggae/Dance/afrobeats/grime and Pop. As Artists , Songwriters and producers themselves Charles And Mike are uniquely positioned to push the label to success through their combined experience and passion for the creative process.





US +1-657-520-3408


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